1. Scroll through and check out each group
2. Find that group that you cant wait to join
3. Click the button, and include your info and the number of the group your joining
4. Get excited for June 11th and tell your friends

  1. #1 Group Leader(s): James Powell
    Group Name: Men’s Prayer Group
    Location: Student Center
    Day/Time: Tuesday @ 6a
    Blurb: Join me as we pray for our families
    our friends and our church.
    Contact: 205.446.0334
  2. #13 Group Leader(s): Mavis Stevens
    Group Name: Bible Study Group
    Location: McCay Senior Gardens
    Day/Time: Tuesday’s @ 2p
    Blurb: Join us as we study various topics.
    Contact: 205.353.7154
  3. #12 Group Leader(s): Chris & Melissa McDowell
    Group Name: Couples – Beating the 50%
    Location: McDowell Home
    Day/Time: Saturday’s @ 5p – 8p
    Blurb: For anyone wanting to learn how
    to make their marriage
    or future relationship beat the
    50 % statistic of ending in divorce.
    Behaved children welcome.
    Contact: 205.446.8407
  4. #14 Group Leader(s): Brittany Powell
    Group Name: Games with Framily - Full
    Location: Home.
    Day/Time: Varies.
    Blurb: Join us for a fun time of games
    and family talk.
    Contact: 205.446.0330
  5. #15 Leader: Nancy Baird & Nancy Bellenger
    Group Name: Ladies First
    Location: Church coffee shop
    then lunch at a predetermined location
    Day/Time: Every 3rd Sunday after church.
    Blurb: Join us for a prayer
    & journaling group.
    Contact: 205-222-3439
  6. #18 Group Leader(s): Donna Price
    Group Name: WOC Seniors
    Location: WOC
    Day/Time: 4th Thursday of Month @ 11:30p
    Blurb: 55 and alive, come hang out with us.
    Contact: 205.446.1604
  7. #17 Group Leader(s): Donna Price
    Group Name: Doers
    Location: WOC
    Day/Time: Tuesday’s in July @ 9a-2p
    Blurb: For young guys and gals
    grades 6th-9th
    who want to serve the community
    by loving God and loving people.
    Contact: 205.446.1604
  8. #16 Group Leader(s): Donna Price
    Group Name: Doers
    Location: WOC
    Day/Time: Tuesday’s in July @ 9a-2p
    Blurb: For young guys and gals
    grades 6th-9th
    who want to serve the community
    by loving God and loving people.
    Contact: 205.446.1604
  9. #20 Group Leader(s): Joe Snow & Mike Gordon
    Group Name: Supernatural Living
    Location: WOC
    Day/Time: Tuesdays, @ 6:30P-8:30p
    Blurb: Living life through the experience
    & power of the Holy Spirit.
    Contact: 205-516-3505
  10. #21 Group Leader(s): Bob & Lola Baird Group Name: Freedom to Soar Location: Varies. Day/Time: Sunday afternoons. Blurb: This group is for all who have attended the Freedom to Soar Group previously & want to schedule a personal ministry appointment. *Freedom to Soar Group will resume in the Fall. Contact: 205-446-9402
  11. #4 Group Leader(s): Jack & Cecelia Helvin
    Group Name: Lake Group (Full)
    Location: Smith Lake
    Day/Time: Varies
    Blurb: Doing life and having fun together.
    Contact: Jack Helvin – 205.602.3592
    Cecelia Helvin – 205.602.3591
  12. #3 Group Leader(s): Tim & Sue Taylor
    Group Name: Better Together (Full)
    Location: Rotates Homes
    Day/Time: Thursdays @ 6P
    Blurb: A group of friends turned family,
    following Jesus together.
    Contact: 205.532.5831
  13. #2 Group Leader(s): Tim & Sue Taylor
    Group Name: Shrinks
    Location: WOC Blue Room
    Day/Time: Sunday’s @ 10a
    Blurb: Health and weight-loss community,
    weigh in and pray in.
    Contact: 205.532.5831
  14. #5 Group Leader(s): Aaron Stevens
    / Brian Perkins
    Group Name: Fuel
    Location: Camp Fire @
    Gary Leigenber’s home
    Day/Time: Tuesday’s @ 6:30p
    Blurb: An in depth and multifaceted
    discipleship program
    tdesigned to strengthen a man
    in every area of his life.
    Contact: Aaron Stevens – 205.249.4732
    Brian Perkins – 205.504.4588
  15. #6 Group Leader(s): Frankie Hudson
    Group Name: Men’s Group
    Location: WOC
    Day/Time: Thursday’s @ 6:30P
    Blurb: Join us for a book study by
    David Platte discussing this life
    and our futures.
  16. #8 Group Leader(s): Tammy McKenzie
    Group Name: Taebo
    Location: WOC Student Center
    Day/Time: Tuesday @ 6p-7P
    Blurb: Join us for a ladies Taebo fitness class.
    Contact: 205.835.9536
  17. #7 Group Leader(s): Betty Powell
    Group Name: Ladies Prayer Group
    Location: WOC
    Day/Time: Tuesday’s @ 9a
    Blurb: Join us ladies for prayer.
    Contact: 205.237.4000
  18. #19 Group Leader(s): Shannon Longshore
    Group Name: Playground Posse
    Location: Oneonta Park
    Day/Time: Every other Saturday @ 9:00A-10:00A
    Blurb: Got kiddos? join us 2 moms at the
    Oneonta park for an hour of fun & laughter!
    Contact: 205.790.0024
  19. #11 Group Leader(s): Jimmy Green
    Group Name: Netflix & Chill
    Location: Dorè House
    Day/Time: Sunday’s @ 5P-7p
    Blurb: Group for anyone who likes movies
    and to chill.
    Contact: 256.658.7667
  20. #9 Group Leader(s): Kara Green
    Group Name: Eno & Hang
    Location: Travelling
    Day/Time: Saturday mornings
    Blurb: Guys & girls welcome,
    adventuring around,
    finding places to hang.
    Contact: Kara Green - 205.446.9919
  21. #10 Group Leader(s): Nick Russell
    Group Name: Game Group for Guys
    Location: WOC
    Day/Time: Sunday’s @ 6p – 8p
    Blurb: Join us for a game night and fun.
    Contact: Nick Russell - 205.353.7960

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